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Who we are?

Austria based, the Alpha^Champ Triple Rebounder was launched in 2019, by successful entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, to offer high quality training equipment - ideal for premium gyms, athletic training facilities, physiotherapy or personal trainers.

Our mission

We collaborate with sports scientists, Olympic training centres, Gyms and coaches to develop LATERAL REBOUND TRAINING as a fun and very effective training method to help athletes or fitness enthusiasts to get faster, fitter and stronger.

Our product

With its innovative and unique design the Triple Rebounder offers the advantages of classic trampoline training and Lateral Rebound Training in one compact training device. It´s already used by Premier League Teams, in La Liga, by Olympic athletes and many more...

Built to last

Stainless steel

The high quality stainless steel frame is robust enough for daily use


3 inclined, symmetrically arranged, hexagon-shaped elastic rebound surfaces

Space saving design

When folded the Triple Rebounder only needs approx. 11sq ft of space


108 ropes on each rebounder allow for a deluxe jumping experience

Rubber feet

The rubber feet guarantee an ideal grip on any surface

Transport wheels

Easy to handle and store

Hard Facts about the Rebounder

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Advantages of Lateral Rebound Training

activates the cardiovascular system

Strengthens the core muscles

improves speed and jumping power

Challenges your body and mind with a new training method

Improves intramuscular coordination

Quick Warmup before workout

The Lateral Jump To Success

# Face the drill

Main Benefits of the rebounder

Easy on joints

Train explosive lateral movements while absorbing the impact

Improves balance skills

Improves ballistic performance which is the key physical component in sports​

Sports performance

HIIT with unique and innovative workouts to train more effectively in less time

Injury prevention

Protects the joints in the agonistic-antagonistic interaction of the muscles


Quicker recovery after injuries, using the inclined surfaces to improve coordination


Starting with stabilization exercises during the inflammatory phase helps in the rehabilitation process

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