CURVEPLATE - A new era of indoor cycling

Two easy-to-assemble add-on pieces upgrade indoor bikes​

Natural riding experience – based on a revolutionary invention
Away from rigid and boring training to affordable riding pleasure with additional positive training effects

CURVEPLATE ist a product of ALPHA CHAMP GmbH

Natural riding with your indoor bike

CURVEPLATE stands for 2 curved plates that allow natural riding on every bike – bicycle ergometers / exercise bikes / indoor bikes – worldwide. A perfect upgrade for your stationary bike – reasonable pricing, easy to mount under the bike, no external power requirement.

Boring indoor cycling training will be in the future more enjoyable and due to the CURVEPLATES your stationary bike will move sideways – left and right. A natural cycling experience at any indoor bike you are using with the Add-on CURVEPLATE.
A patented surface geometry enables free movements of a stationary bike based on an interplay of curves, flat surfaces and angles.

The 2 safe and robust injection molded plastic parts, strengthened with fiberglass, are designed for a load of approx. 240 kg / 530 lbs.

The maximum tilt is 9 degrees, therefore the bike cannot tilt.

The entire bicycle ergometer, indoor bike and exercise bike adapts to the pedaling behavior of the person through the patented geometry of CURVEPLATE. This means that left – right movements of the entire indoor bike during pedaling becomes real.

It makes cycling more enjoyable and will also motivate professional athletes to push them to their limits. You can experience cornering and inclinations of up to 9 degrees – without falling over.

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