Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Injuries to the capsular ligament apparatus in the ankle or knee joints can have significant consequences for the performance and the future of an athlete or player in the short, medium and long term. 

Working on the Triple Rebounder … 

Use in physical therapy or training therapy

The rebounder is a full body training and therapy device, which can be used at the different stages of the rehabilitation process.

Injury Prevention

The most common injuries (60-90%) affect the lower extremities: sprains, strains and bruises of the ankles, thighs (quadriceps, hamstrings and adductors) and knees (ligaments)

=> The majority of these injuries are not due to contact with opponents, but rather to insufficient warm-up, muscular fatigue and muscular imbalances.

Preventive training

  • The improvement of technical skills reduce the risk of injuries from physical contact
  • Injuries without physical contact can best be avoided by good preparation
  • Several international studies show that special programs can reduce the number of injuries by 30-50%
  • Above all, targeted strengthening and stability exercises can prevent or reduce injuries


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