What is Lateral rebound training?

The Lateral Rebound Training is an innovative and very effective approach to achieve demanding performance in training. The unique product design of the LRT-Triple Trampoline opens up a multitude of functional movements.

The new lateral jumps, which are made possible by the lateral inclined surfaces, can also contribute to strengthening the muscles surrounding the joint and the capsule-ligament apparatus, thus reducing the frequency of capsule-ligament injuries. 

This is particularly important in sports where collateral ligament and cruciate ligament injuries (knee joint, ankle) occur frequently (e.g. alpine skiing, football, basketball, tennis, handball, …)

With Lateral Rebound Training we combine a new type of training. For us the trampoline is a benefit of trampoline jumping and lateral rebound dynamics.

Away from monotonous, one-dimensional jumping to more fun paired with intensive training.

Every jump on the trampoline

Lateral rebound training Gym Concept

“Enrich your gym and make your customers more agile, faster, fitter!”

Our Alpha^Champ LRT Gym concept is based on intensive testing in fitness facilities and the positive feedback proves us right. We want to offer our customers a completely new training possibility and provide the extra cardio kick through the lateral jump combinations! The Alpha Champ Trainer is more than just an alternative to conventional training tools like treadmills, rowing machines or air bikes.

The Lateral Rebound Trainer will be an absolute enrichment for your boutique GYM.

  • Circuit training in groups of 3 or 4
  • HIIT with the A^C as cardio kick
  • Enables body weight training, but also allows to integrate kettle bells, dumb bells, wall balls and other accessories for more training variation and intensity

Group Fitness Concept

“Group fitness classes with the ultimate fun factor!”

The steadily growing number of group fitness offers in boutique gyms, but also course programs in fitness studios show the increasing interest in alternative possibilities for group training. After numerous tests, we have also inspired customers with our trampoline and the Lateral Rebound Training in the group fitness area with our concept.

The principle of group fitness is also very interesting for gym owners, because 1 trampoline allows 2 people to utilize the LRT in the same time period as part of a workout circuit.

The switch between active jumping and rest periods is ideal for an effective interval training and a lot of fun during the workout.
  • Different to the Gym Concept, the LRT is the main focus in a small group fitness class
  • 2 persons train simultaneously on one device in a HIIT-training
  • 30 sec. Jumping / 30 sec. Rest
  • Training and rest phases are ideally suited to each other
  • 6 LRT = 12 persons per training
  • Duration of a training session: up to 45min.

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