The adjacent position of the jumping surfaces enables numerous applications for training more effectively through targeted exercise routines. The inclined surfaces allow for combined lateral jump routines as well as dynamic stretching exercises and kick steps to best train special, difficult routines from various types of sports and to optimize targeted muscle reactions.

The compact dimensioning of the jumping surfaces requires more precision when performing jumping and stepping combinations during training exercises, which can increase concentration and coordination, depending on the intensity of the training. Read more about the Training Benefits of Lateral Rebound Training.

Benefits for hotel resorts

  • Ideal for outdoor bootcamps
  • Attractive and innovative group fitness formats for your guests
  • Time saving and effective full body training tool for your hotel gym
  • Low impact and anti-aging training, especially interesting for 50+ clients
  • Easy to clean, movable and foldable
  • Space saving design (folded only 1,3 sqm) 
  • No other equipment required

Benefits for gyms

  • Perfect to increase number of members per hour by offering effective and full body workouts in 20 mins.
  • High training motivation of clients
  • Fun and faster warm up alternative to other cardio equipment
  • Easy to clean, movable and foldable
  • Space saving design (folded only 1,3 sqm)
  • Ideal for group fitness, personal training and outdoor bootcamps
  • Edge out competitors by offering sophisticated and innovative workouts to attract new clients and retain existing members
  • Low impact and anti-aging training, especially interesting for 50+ clients

Benefits for Athletes

  • A great tool to enhance stability, agility and explosive lateral movements
  • Ideal for taking off pressure from the knees and absorbing the impact
  • Perfect to improve coordination, speed and jumping power
  • Helps to strengthen the cognitive abilities
  • New possibilities for interval training and strength or endurance training
  • Perfect to train more effectively in less time, HIIT with unique and innovative workouts

Benefits of Lateral Rebound Training in football

  • quick warm up
  • balance, stability and jumping power
  • inter- / intramuscular coordination
  • challenge players with new training equipment
  • increase performance
  • quicker recovery after injuries
  • preventive training
  • increase of coordination skills in combination with the ball
  • easy on joints – rehabilitation training

Special forces

“America’s Warfighters know that training their bodies on the Alpha^Champ Triple Rebounder makes navigating unfamiliar terrain through dark nights and under extreme loads. It also gives them an edge that increases their stamina and stability, with far fewer ankle sprains and knee injuries common to the incredible physical demands our Warfighters have to overcome to complete their missions. 

As a Special Forces Trainer, I know they view Alpha^Champ a welcome addition to their training regimens, both for the success of their next mission as well as for building overall resilience in their careers as Special Operators”.

Owner of 110 Fitness
Head of Elite Training Services
Fort Lauderdale

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Injuries to the capsular ligament apparatus in the ankle or knee joints can have significant consequences for the performance and the future of an athlete or player in the short, medium and long term. 

Working on the Triple Rebounder … 

  • builds up the surrounding muscles
  • prevents muscular imbalance
  • protects the joints by training in the agonistic-antagonistic interaction of the muscles
  • boosts stabilization exercises on the unstable, inclined surfaces
  • helps to increase core muscles
  • improves balance skills
  • trains the proprioceptive skills with every lateral jump

Experts and athletes are impressed

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